Monday, October 20, 2008


suneokun said...

Hi Sani,

I keep looking at your site and really enjoy your Blanchesque style - it's fantastic. Just a couple of points. Firstly, your photo's of your drawing tend to be very 'zoomed in' - this can prove confusing, and I don't think it best represents your drawings as sometimes all I can see is the lines.

Secondly, have you thought about challenging yourself with some panoramic battle segues - it would be more work, but by concentrating your detail on the front of the force and having the detail get 'looser' the further back you go - I think you'd have a fantastic piece...

Overall however, keep up the great (and I mean GREAT) work. Your consistency and quality is to be appauded - well done!

sani said...


Thanks for the comment. The image i've just posted is a pencil sketch. I usually ink my work later when i have the time.
Yes you are right and not the first one to tell me so. i'm learning to refine my work so that the sketches does not look that messy like the previous one entitle 'imperial guard' i posted. Maybe when i ink them... but still i'll work on it mate.
Yes, I'd love to do a battle scene. Soon, soon.

Thank You Suneokun.

Master Darksol said...

Fantastic work here. I absolutely love it.

sani said...

Thank you master darksol.