Monday, January 5, 2009

wild host sketch


73rd said...

Hey Sani, I came across an article in the UK White Dwarf where they mention they are looking for new a new generation of artists and when I called them they said they are looking for artwork ranging from codex images to cover art, etc. I wanted to let you know so that you could maybe think about putting your stuff forward to their team as I think what you do is great and definately worthy of what they are looking for. The details are yet to be announced but I will give them to you once I know, but it is all being put together by Games Workshop's John Blanche. More details to follow my friend.

sani said...

hello 73rd,

Thanks for the info. Yes, please keep me updated.
Any help is greatly appreciated. It's a bit difficult
to get a copy of white dwarf over here.
Usually they arrive in the news stands one month later and
gets sold off pretty quick. Thank you again 73rd.