Monday, February 23, 2009

tech marine sketch


Anonymous said...

cian dia ....nanti kita cari scaner besaq k..
gambaq jadi comey.....

sani said...


Sidestreaker said...

I must say, your technique and strokes are really unique and all your artwork so far has been breathtakingly beatiful!

what medium do you use, may I ask?

Bila nak buka gallery? :D


sani said...

I do a black and white sketch with pencils first, then ink the piece with pens and markers. I then scan them and do very minor touch ups with irfan view, painter or whatever software that's not that complicated and easy to use.
Buka gallery? Finding time to draw with my full time [job which has absolutely nothing to do with art] is already killing me.

cheers mate.